1 EUPi is redeemable 1:1 to EUR

The EUPi Stablecoin is issued with a closed emission of 1 Billion and 100 Million.
EUPi is backed by euros held in the CAPITAL Pi Fund (a Dutch fund).

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Simple, safe and transparent

a) You can get EUPi at the rate of 1 Euro by a bank transfer, by simple swap from other currencies or by depositing Euro at an ATM.
b) Security deposit of the token is stored in the CAPITAL Pi Fund – a Dutch fund.
c) Stablecoin based on the ERC-20 and TIP3.1 protocol. Fully transparent and auditable.
d) CAPITAL Pi Fund undergoes a mandatory annual audit and provides open financial statements.

The stablecoin with a closed emission for a clear regulation.

Legal information:

Capital Pi Fund is registered with the Dutch regulatory authority that is responsible for supervising the financial markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten; AFM). AFM Fonds ID 50018201. The Fund Management Company CAPITAL Pi B.V. is registered in the Dutch commercial register and is also based in the Netherlands.

The Fund Management Company CAPITAL Pi B.V. Reg. No 000036413534 is registered in Netherlands with its registration address at Dorpsstraat 275061 HJ Oisterwijk, Netherlands. CAPITAL Pi B.V. operates under Financial services, providing a virtual currency services license, issued by Financial Intelligence Unit. 

All issued and unsecured EUPi are stored in a special wallet of CAPITAL Pi B.V.:

Contract address TIP3: 0:0cfa60f9454b1b619938c4da6a138b1cc62da937b3f6c0506405daf2a88e0115

Contract address ERC-20: 0x702bdf7de90061c474a7a36912d6e801d9d158ca

the source of funds

How it works

   The stablecoin is issued by CAPITAL Pi B.V. in a special wallet. CAPITAL Pi B.V. transfers EUPi from the issuing wallet to the partner`s wallet, in return the partner sends a deposit in euros to the bank account of CAPITAL Pi FUND.

All funds received from EUPi listed on cryptocurrency exchanges or other partners’ systems are kept in the CAPITAL Pi Fund account in a Dutch bank.

The funds for each returned for payment EUPi are paid from the special account of CAPITAL Pi Fund in the Dutch bank.

What’s next

Stablecoin for crypto-trading, settlement, and financial transactions